Kyphosis: Types, Causes, And Treatments For This Troublesome Back Condition

A noticeable hump on you or your teenage child's upper back may be a sign of a potentially serious problem called Kyphosis. This spinal condition sometimes makes it difficult to walk or perform daily activities without pain. However, you or your child don't have to live with Kyphosis and there are ways to lessen or correct the problem. Here are some things you should know about this orthopedic problem as well as how it can be corrected.

Factors That Influence When To Have A Joint Replacement

Joint replacement surgery can be the final treatment approach for people with various forms of degenerative arthritis. Selecting the right time to have a joint replacement can prevent the need for another replacement later and avoid premature surgery or complications in some people. Type Of Arthritis Although joint replacements may be done for any form of arthritis, the outcomes for severe osteoarthritis are generally better than for people with severe inflammatory arthritis.