Conditions That Orthotics May Help Correct

If you're experiencing frequent pain in your feet or other parts of your body, your orthopedist may recommend wearing orthotics. These special devices can be worn on certain parts of the body to help address structural, alignment, and balance problems that often contribute to chronic pain. Orthotics may also be prescribed to treat injuries and speed the recovery process. Here are just some of the conditions that orthotics may correct.

Hip Replacement Surgery: It May Not Be What You Think

If you have severe arthritis in your hip, or if your doctor has even directly told you, "you need a hip replacement" alarm bells might be going off in your mind. You've heard about hip replacements before, and a lot of what you've heard is not good! Here's the thing: hip replacements are major surgeries, but they're not as awful or as challenging as they often get the reputation of being.