5 Treatments a Doctor Might Suggest When Your Heel Pain Won't Get Better

Heel pain often clears up by itself with rest, but if you have pain that persists, or that's severe, you should see a doctor for help. They'll uncover the cause of your pain so the best treatment can be given. Then you can return to your usual activities and full mobility. Here are some treatments your heel pain doctor might recommend. 1. Sleep Brace A sleep brace is a soft shoe or sock you wear while sleeping to keep your foot stretched.

The Importance Of Sports Medicine When Transitioning To Professional Sports

Sports medicine focuses on physical fitness, prevention, and treatment of sports and exercise-related injuries. It helps athletes with their preparation process, and rehabilitation from serious injuries. Most people usually start their sports career in college and high school, thus giving them the fundamental elements to compete at a high level. The level of competition at the professional level is higher than at the college and high school level, thus needing more input from the athletes.