Hip Replacement Surgery: It May Not Be What You Think

If you have severe arthritis in your hip, or if your doctor has even directly told you, "you need a hip replacement" alarm bells might be going off in your mind. You've heard about hip replacements before, and a lot of what you've heard is not good! Here's the thing: hip replacements are major surgeries, but they're not as awful or as challenging as they often get the reputation of being.

Herbs to Enhance Pain Relieve While Awaiting a Joint Replacement

When you've been dealing with chronic, debilitating joint pain for a while, scheduling your joint replacement can come with a big sigh of relief. Even though you'll have to go through an intense surgical process first, pain relief is finally around the corner. But what about the pain you're still experiencing in the weeks leading up to surgery? If the prescription meds and other remedies you're using are not quite cutting it, here are some herbs you can use for enhanced pain relief while awaiting orthopedic surgery.

Foot Stress Fractures: Symptoms, Diagnosis, And Treatment

Experiencing an ongoing pain in your foot? If so, then a stress fracture could be to blame. Stress fractures are quite common, but the good news is that they tend to heal up on their own over time. Still, it's important to seek diagnosis and treatment for a stress fracture of the foot--and having a better understanding of what causes stress fractures can help you avoid getting another one in the future.

How Prosthetics Help People With Diabetes Who Have Necrotic Tissue in Their Legs

Diabetes is a very serious disease that some people may struggle to properly treat in their life. As a result, they may end up experiencing complications that can make their life more difficult. For example, those with diabetes may end up losing a leg. Thankfully, prosthetic devices may help those struggling with this issue. Why People With Diabetes Lose Legs Diabetes doesn't just affect a person's blood sugar level. It can also trigger complications with other elements of their health that may be unexpected and hard to predict.

Why Your Orthopedist May Prescribe Orthotics

Orthotics are special shoe inserts intended to help improve the comfort of your feet and bring you more support. They are not the same as the shoe inserts you can buy at the store or at your local shoe supplier, even though they look similar and have the same end goals. Your orthopedist, or specialist in bone conditions, may prescribe orthotics to you for a number of reasons. Following a thorough foot exam with x-rays and 3D imagery of your feet, your orthopedist may be likely to suggest or prescribe orthotics for the reasons below.